At each Minicine at The Mills film night we ask our audience to score each film up to five. Not only does this let us know which films have been positively received by Minicine film-goers, it also informs us of which films to program for future seasons. You can view many of our previously screened shorts over on our Vimeo page now.


Nemesis dir. Espen Hobbesland (Feb 2015) – 4.53

Hedgehog in the Fog dir. Yuriy Norshteyn (Nov 2013) – 4.46

Bottle dir. Kirsten Lepore (Jul 2014) – 4.43

Lost & Found dir. Joey Bania (Jul 2015) – 4.42

Tram dir. Michaela Pavlátová (Jun 2013) – 4.38

Wiggle Room dir. Joe Schenkenberg (Aug 2014) – 4.38

Procrastination dir. Johnny Kelly (Jun 2013) – 4.25

Bubble dir. Pedro Casablanc and Gabriel Olivares (Feb 2014) – 4.23

Ponte Tower dir. Philip Bloom (Jun 2014) – 4.17

We Are Poets: I Come From dir. Alex Ramseyer-Bache and Daniel Luchessi (Nov 2011) – 4.16

Read our full list of short film audience scores here.


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