Video Playlists

With each Mincine at The Mills season we compile a selection of music videos. As part of our committment to promoting all kinds of film, our video playlists allow us to investigate another aspect of the short form.

Gs, Louise! // G Season (Apr-Jun 2016)

Directors Playlist Vol.3 (Jonathan Glazer) // Human Nature season (Mar 2016)

Directors Playlist Vol.2 (Mark Romanek) // Human Nature season (Feb 2016)

Directors Playlist Vol.1 (Spike Jonze) // Human Nature season (Jan 2016)

Contains Nutlets // Mixed Nuts season (Jul-Sep 2015)

A Playlist of Sport? // There’s No ‘I’ In Team season (Apr-Jun 2015)

Nordic Me, Nordic You, Aha! // Nordic season (Jan-Mar 2015)

Animated Vol.3 // Animates season (Sep 2014)

Animated Vol.2 // Animates season (Aug 2014)

Animated Vol.1 // Animates season (Jul 2014)

Out of Africa // African Cinema season (Apr-Jun 2014)

Black & White // Modern Monochrome season (Jan-Mar 2014)