Back Soon

Dear friends,

We’ve enjoyed screening the best of independent, foreign language, cult and classic cinema in Leeds and beyond for the last 6 years – not to mention eating copious amounts of cake. However, this little cinema needs a little break.

Unfortunately, we will be cancelling the upcoming film season due to costs and low tickets sales, which we rely on to help Minicine sustain itself. We apologise to those who have already purchased tickets and for any inconvenience caused. We will be refunding your tickets shortly.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Minicine in various ways, from attending a screening, wearing a badge, eating a slice of cake with us and sharing our stuff online. We appreciate it all so very much.

This is not goodbye, just ta-ta for now.

After a break, we hope to spring back into action and return, gloriously triumphant, like Ripley in a Power-Loader. Indiana Jones climbing back over the cliff. Johnny 5 at the end of Short Circuit 2. So, for now, just picture us in a Rocky-esque montage, toning up out community cinema muscles, getting all film society hench, accompanied by an awesome 80s soundtrack. Something like this:

Side A

  1. ‘Eye of the Tiger’ Survivor
  2. ‘You’re the Best’ Joe Esposito
  3. ‘What a Feeling’ Irene Cara
  4. ‘The Touch’ Stan Bush
  5. ‘Push It to the Limit’ Paul Engemann

Side B

  1. ‘Danger Zone’ Kenny Loggins
  2. ‘Hold the Line!’ Toto
  3. ‘Chariots of Fire’ Vangelis
  4. ‘Gonna Fly Now’ Bill Conti
  5. ‘Win in the End’ Mark Safan

Lots of love,

Minicine xoxo


One thought on “Back Soon

  1. sad to go from film society of the year to no films in a year. come back soon. enjoyed our visits.

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