G Season

Hold up! Don’t be mistaken; Güeros, Green Room and Gloria are more than just three films that begin with the same letter. This ain’t just a ‘G’ thang, baby. Woven together by a musical thread, these films depict pivotal moments in the lives of a band of free-spirits, relatable individuals who engage and draw in we, the audience, as they react to their situations with dramatically varying results.


Alonso Ruizpalacios’ debut feature Güeros (2014) rolls out the coming-of-age of young Tomás as he witnesses the political awakening of his older brother Sombra, amid the 1999 student strikes in Mexico City. Comparable in tone and style to Alfonso Cuarón’s Y Tu Mamá También and Mathieu Kassovitz’s La Haine, Tomás, Sombra and friend Santos set out to find musical folk hero Epigmenio Cruz, whom they listen to repeatedly on a Walkman cassette player, to pay homage for his music that could ‘save Mexico’s rock music scene from ruin’. But finding him won’t be that easy.

Green Room (2015) is writer-director Jeremy Saulnier’s much-anticipated follow up to 2013’s Blue Ruin. A fresh take on the tried and tested ‘five friends trapped in a cabin in the woods’ trope, Green Room swaps out high schools buddies for band mates, replaces the cabin with a music venue and dispenses with zombies and demons in favour of something far more real and frightening – neo-Nazis. Commanded by Sir Patrick Stewart, playing against type, a mob of white-supremacists go to extreme lengths to cover up a murder by trying to eliminate punk band The Ain’t Rights. Despite being out of their depth, this band aren’t going down without a fight, in a film that made a lasting impression on Leeds International Film Festival audiences last November and is guaranteed to evoke a reaction from viewers.

While our first two films centre around predominantly young casts, Gloria (2013) features a woman in her late-fifties who still embodies a carefree outlook on life that some (Hollywood) may not expect a woman of her age to have. Paulina Garcia gives a fantastic performance as the titular Gloria, a divorcee on the look out for a new suitor and a penchant for hitting the dance-floor and throwing shapes to 80’s disco music. She enters into a whirlwind romance with retired naval officer Rodolfo but not everything is smooth sailing, as she becomes confronted with emotions about passed relationships and reluctant to change her lifestyle for the sake of a shared future with her new beau. Is this the final countdown or will she survive? Will she survive? Hey!


As well as heralding the Summer, G Season also signals Minicine’s long-awaited return to The Palace Picture in Armley Mills Industrial Museum. Air punch! After suffering flooding damage over the Christmas period, The Mills have alone recently reopened. Huge thanks go out to Fiona Rotheray and the brilliant staff at The Arch Café for taking us in and hosting our Human Nature Season during January, February and March. We really enjoyed our stay, but we are very much looking forward to coming home.

For those of you who have never visited The Palace Picturehouse before, it is a magical place – even more so than Toys R’ Us – a replica 1920’s cinema, complete with red velvet curtains, fitted gaslights and possibly the smallest ticket booth you’ll ever see. With only 26 seats, the venue offers a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere that can be enjoyed by all.


Each feature presentation will be preceded by a selection of short films appropriate to the season’s themes and programme. And, as always, there will be free tea, coffee and cake. Wonderful cake. Scrumptious, glorious cake…

We may also have a few more treats for you too, not to mention, tomorrow we’ll be dropping our latest Video Playlist, featuring female singer-songwriters and bands with female vocalists all beginning with the letter ‘G’.

Tickets are available now, from our online ticket office, at only £5 each in advance (£6 on the door). Season Passes are also currently available and include admission to all three film nights for only £12. If you would like more information about G Season, individual film nights or about Minicine in general, please contact us at hello@minicine.org.uk.



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