PREVIEW: Minicine at The Mills // Under the Skin

You would think that afternoon tea with Scarlett Johansson would be a quaint and charming affair, but our third and final feature film in our Human Nature Season is an investigation of the physical form in which an alien stalks the young men of Glasgow, enticing them into a van and back to its lair where, well, you’ll have to see it to believe. Under the Skin has been hailed as a modern masterpiece, a term, it seems, that is attached to any above average film these days, but this is one fully deserving of the mantle. Daring, provoking and unapologetic, Under the Skin is one of the finest British films of the last fifty years.

“This is a pure intravenous injection of mood.” – Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

Our third Human Nature feature is also the third feature from acclaimed British filmmaker Jonathan Glazer. His first was the intense heist drama Sexy Beast, which pitted a retired and romantic Ray Winstone against Sir Ben Kingsley’s unrelenting gangster Don Logan. Birth was a much more reserved affair, but tension is still present, as Nicole Kidman’s grieving widow faces the prospect of her husband being reincarnated as a ten-year-old boy. Like the previous directors in this season, Spike Jonze and Mark Romanek, Glazer carved out a name for himself in music videos and, perhaps more prominently, in commercials. His most famous work is arguably the Guinness ‘Surfer‘ ad in which a surfer sits on a secluded beach, awaiting the perfect wave. The ad has been heralded as the greatest commercial of all time by many. He has also produced work for Stella Artois and Levi’s and directed the second ad in the Sony Bravia series, ‘Paint‘, set on a Glasgow housing estate.


Under the Skin screens at The Arch Café in Leeds city centre on Saturday 19 March from 4pm, but why not come down early and grab yourself a tea or coffee first? The feature presentation will be preceded by a short film and, as always, there will be free cake on hand. Tickets are available from our online ticket office.



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