REVIEW: Minicine at The Mills // MAR 2015

Always looking to take chances with our programme when we can, our third and final film night of Nordic Season was dedicated solely to the short film form. The Valtari Film Experiment showcased a variety of themes, ideas and emotions during a collection of work by filmmakers from differing artistic backgrounds, all inspired by the work of Icelandic musicians Sigur Rós.

Noisette Bakehouse once again provided some fantastic treats for our audience to enjoy during the interval. This month’s blueberry and coconut vegan bakes were inspired by a recipe from members of the band themselves.

In the end, the collection scored a modest 3.75. In the run up to the screening we had debated whether to have our audience score films individually or rate the collection as a whole. Ultimately, lack of a working printer decided for us, but audience members were keen to discuss their favourite and not-so-favourite shorts once the screening had finished.

“Thank God that’s over” said one audience member after one of the more testing shorts finished.

“Give me something non-narritive, any day.”

“There were a lot that were alright but then there were some that were exceptionally good.”

“I’ll give a four for the films but it’s got to be a five for the cakes.”

The Bakehouse always wins.

The Valtari Film Experiment (2012) dir. Various – 3.75

Fjögur píanó (Four Pianos) dir. Alma Har’el

Valtari (Roller) dir. Christian Larson

Ekki múkk (Not a Sound) dir. Nick Abrahams

Our next Minicine at The Mills season looks at the way in which sports can be used to build community spirit and social morale. There’s No ‘I’ In Team Season starts April 16 with Town of Runners and you can read more about what we have coming up here.



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