Minicine’s 5th Birthday

Hello everybody. This April we’re turning five – FIVE! – and we’re super excited about it. Sooo super excited we want to celebrate with dancing, drinks and cake. That’s why we’re hosting a little party Upstairs in The Adelphi in Leeds so we can celebrate with dancing, drinks and cake! CAKE!

We hope you’ll join us for a tipple and a slice, we always welcome the chance to chat with regular audience members, old faces we have seen in a while, and hopefully a few newbies looking to check out what we’re all about.

Yes, there will be chocolate hot-dogs courtesy of the award-winning Noisette Bakehouse. Commence drooling.


Over the last five years Minicine has held monthly film screenings at The Palace Picturehouse in Armley Mills Industrial Museum, showcased Polish cinema in Bradford, brought family film screenings to Wakefield, shown films from a bakery, and curated a programme of features to compliment the exhibitions taking place in The Gallery at Munro House. We’ve done a lot since our first screening back on April Fool’s Day 2010 when we showed the Coen Brother’s Raising Arizona and while we may have hit the odd bump in the road along the way, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed the ride that has taken us to, among other places, Parisian housing projects, feudal Japan, Transylvania, the streets of Burkina Faso, remote Greenland, and the sewers of New York City.

In 2012, we were awarded the Best Film Programming Award at the Cinema For All – British Federation of Film Societies National Conference. In 2014 we received distintions for Best Film Programming and Best Publicity & Marketing. Oh, and a Special Mention in the Engholm Award for Film Society of the Year ‘cos, yeah, we’re kind of a big deal.


The party takes place Wed 1 April from 7PM-10PM at The Adelphi in Leeds. Head over to Eventbrite now to book your place – we can only let 100 of you beautiful people in – AND LET’S PLAY MUSICAL CHAIRS!!


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