CANCELLED: Minicine at The Mills // Bitch Hug

It is with deep regret that this coming Thursday’s scheduled screening of Bitch Hug is cancelled. Due to licensing issues we are unable to bring you the film as intended. We will instead be screening Norwegian teen sex comedic drama Turn Me On, Dammit! which you can read our preview for here.

We would like to apologise for any inconvnience this programme change may cause and we hope you’ll still join us next week for a film that we feel still in embodies the spirit and sensibilities of the one it replaces.

Those who have already purchased tickets will be emailed shortly.

January brings the arrival of Nordic Season to Minicine at The Mills. Our first instalment in this exciting new season comes from Sweden, in the form of Andreas Öhman’s 2012 film Bitchkram (Bitch Hug). Having debuted at the Seattle International Film Festival in 2013, the film wowed viewers with its beautiful scenery, engaging characters and all round moving, if unconventional, story.

Like most people, Kirstin has a bucket list and getting to New York is at the top of it. This comedic indie film explores her difficulties and her adventures of getting away from her small home town, to the city that never sleeps. Everything is perfect and even the local paper has agreed to publish her column about her trip to the city. However, after missing her flight, Kirsten has to escape humiliation by hiding out with a new-found friend in the countryside until she can make it to New York. In order to make her publisher believe she is really there, she continues to write her pieces as though she were in the Big Apple. Kirstin’s subsequent isolation and desolation in the Swedish countryside, anchors the film as it depicts her struggles to realise her dreams…… hundred of kilometres from where they should be.

Bitchkram 2The film focuses on the beautiful developing friendship between Kirsten and Andrea; a girl she becomes friends with after finding her in her new country abode. This funny drama follows their wary but genuine friendship as they turn the house into a virtual New York, whilst never leaving Sweden. But all good things must come to an end as Kristin has to catch her follow-up flight to the Big Apple. What will become of their friendship when she leaves?

The scenery involved in this film is not only breath-taking but also very unique. Set in the countryside of Sweden, the audience gets to see a side to the cold landscape that is often skipped over by photographers and film. It exposes the vastness of it all, making it the perfect setting for Kirstin’s fake New York.

bitchkram-1At the heart of this film, friendship aside, it deals with the theme of isolation for both the two main characters. Andrea, who lives in this environment permanently, seems to prefer the lack of contact, allowing her introvert nature to come to the for-front of the film as a contrast to Kirstin’s extrovert behaviour. Bitch Hug looks at how both girls balance and deal with their separate problems involving their feelings of isolation and how they learn to thrive together.

A follow-up to his his feature debut Simple Simon, Öhman creates a delicate yet realistic portrait of young, new and surprising friendship and life’s unexpected journey at the moment when the unknown gives way to experience.

The screening takes place at The Palace Picturhouse in the Armley Mills Industrial Museum on Thursday 22 January at 7PM. Free hot drinks and cakes, made by the award-winning Noisette Bakehouse, will be available on arrival and we will have selection of short films before the main feature.

So join us as we say hej to all that is Nordic!

– Becca Beddow


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