Last year was far and away our most successful year yet. One which saw record-breaking scores from our audiences for our most diverse and widest ranging programme ever. We also screened more films than any previous year, making 2014 one that boasted both quality and quantity. And as well as continuing our relationship with Armley Mills Industrial Museum, we forged new partnerships and collaborations with Gallery at Munro House, Noisette Bakehouse and The Orangery. We’d just like to take this opportunity to thank each of them for their support and generosity.

So, what does 2015 hold in store? Well, for starters, just like 90s hip-hop outfit Luniz, we got five on it! April 1st marks the fifth year of Minicine film nights in Leeds and in celebration of this milestone we’ll be throwing a little birthday screening in the city. We’ll be announcing more details closer to the date but for now let’s just say you should think about dusting of that Hawaiian shirt you’ve got tucked away at the back of the wardrobe.

memberWe’ve also been reviewing our pricing structure and this year we are introducing a Single Ticket price of £5 across both strands, a £12 Season Pass for our Minicine at The Mills strand which includes tickets to each screening within a season, and finally a new membership price of £55 which covers all Minicine at The Mills season screenings and Cine164 gallery screenings within twelve months. No addition payment for individual screenings, you’re paid up for the year and at only £55 you’ll be saving 45% on tickets throughout those twelve months. Or, put this way, you’ll be paying for all Cine164 screenings and getting all Minicine at The Mills screenings absolutely FREE!

millsAnd what of the strands themselves, we hear you ask? Well, after its successful introduction last year, Minicine at The Mills will continue to use a seasonal structure of three films sharing a common theme or thread. We start this year with Nordic Season, which we’ll have more details of later today. We aim to be more adventurous with our programming this year and so we’ll be forgoing more established and recognised features in favour of lesser known films. As always, we endeavour to showcase overlooked and underrated cinema with several of the titles we have lined up this year never having received a theatrical release in the UK.

In addition to our Mills screenings we will be expanding each season with additional events to be held further afield, in areas we don’t usually have to opportunity to screen in, for a special showing in a particular venue or a specific programme of films screened within a day, such as Daynish; a day event devoted to Danish cinema, food and culture to be held in March. We’re still finalising details with the venue but once the Ts are crossed and the Is dotted we’ll be sure to let you know.

And stay tuned for our first Video Playlist of the year, coming soon! In the mean time, here are our previous offerings.

cineThe success of our collaboration with Gallery at Munro House has been fantastic, with several sellout screenings in only its first few months. This year, as well as continuing to curate a programme informed by the artwork exhibited within the gallery, we’ll also be looking to screen work from artists you have come to film via different a discipline, be it photography, writing, painting or fashion. Look out for details of upcoming screenings in the Cine164 strand later this week.

Last year we were able to take time out of our own schedule to see what our peers had lined up in theirs. Through a series of road trips we were able to visit the likes of Selby Globe Cinema, Film Unit and The Little Reliance Cinema to see what other film societies and community cinemas had to offer. This year we’re looking to make Postcards from the Road a regular feature of our programme and we’ll be inviting all of you to join us on our travels. In the mean time you can see where we’ve been already here.

To bring this post full circle, 2015 is already taken care of as far as quantity. What we will focus on throughout the year is quality, as we endeavour to refine all aspects of what we do to guarantee a high standard of film exhibition within West Yorkshire.

We look forward to introducing you to films you may not yet have had the pleasure of knowing before and reaquainting you with some you already have.

See you in 2015,

Woody, Director


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