Video Playlist: Animated Vol.3

Prior to our final Animates film night, headlined by My Dog Tulip, we played our third playlist of the season. Now, here’s the full video playlist in all its glory:

House Shoes feat. Danny Brown ‘Sweet’ dir. RUFFMERCY – Like the song it represents, this video is a little RUFF rough around the edges. Depicting MC Danny Brown’s head morphing into a variety of characters this promo’s sketchbook style mirrors the train-of-thought delivery synonymous with hip-hop.

Dog Blood ‘Chella Ride’ dir. Golden Wolf – We couldn’t have a playlist for My Dog Tulip and not include a video featuring a dog now, could we? This video however is thousands of miles from earth and a million miles from the aesthetic and themes of the aforementioned feature film.

The White Stripes ‘Fell in Love with a Girl’ dir. Michel Gondry – Sometimes the simplest concepts have the greatest results. Putting his own spin on the rotoscope technique, Gondry filmed the band performing the song and then recreated each frame using Lego bricks. And who doesn’t love Lego?!

Home and Dry ‘Ghosts Are Dancing’ dir. Maxime Causeret and Gilles Deschaud – The creative collective Teresuac use computers to create drawing and watercolour effects which in turn create a suggestion of ghost-like vapours and trails.

Tom Waits ‘The One That Got Away’ dir. John Lamb – Taken from the short film Tom Waits for No One (will love a bit of witty wordplay), this piece again utilises rotoscoping and predates MTV by almost two decades. While never finding commercial success upon its relaese it has found an audience through YouTube and other video hosting websites. FUN FACT: The lead animator on this film was David Silverman who worked on The Simpsons and Monsters Inc. among other projects.

Mouse on Mars ‘They Know Your Name’ dir. Charles Baroud and Pfadfinderei – A collaboration in every sense. These visuals were rallied back and forth between the Laboratoire d’ Hydrodynamique and production company Pfadfinderei. Video was taken during cell biology experiments and in turn edited together by the filmmakers to create one helluva distinct video promo.

Sébastien Tellier ‘Look’ dir. Mrzyk & Moricea – Cheeky!

Beck ‘E-Pro’ dir. Shynola – We like Shynola. We love their work. So much so we have included one of their videos in each of our three Animated playlists. This promo highlights how ‘big’ the terms the British creative team think in when it coes to scale; they don’t just think of a room, they consider the whole building. they don’t just think of a road, they imagine the land surrounding it. They don’t just design videos, they create environments. Watcch this and see just how far Beck travels.

Flairs ‘Better Than Prince’ dir. Jonas & François – This fun video shows how rotoscoping can offer a means to expand on reality, as all animation can, and allow us to flex our imaginative muscle. For example, musciain Lionel Flairs’ head being replaced with a cat and him climing out of his own shoelace.

Breakbot feat. Irfane ‘Baby I’m Yours’ dir. Irina Dakeva – Let’s just enjoy the music…

Animated Vol.3 is also available to listen to over on our 8tracks page and you can see and hear Vol.1 and Vol.2 here and here.

What do you think? What are your favourites? We want to know, so feel free leave us a message in the comments.


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