Video Playlist: Animated Vol.2

Last month we returned to Armley Mills Industrial Museum for our second Animates season film night, featuring Mary and Max. In preparation, we compiled another video playlist of fantastic animated music video, this time focusing on the mesmerising brilliance of stop-motion.

Fleet Foxes ‘White Winter Hymnal’ dir. Sam Pecknold – We start this month’s playlist with a beautiful video in which old men try to turn back time and keep grasp of their youth. A fleeting moment (no pun intended) of wishful thinking.

All India Radio ‘Lucky’ dir. Darcy Prendergast – Through the use of glow sticks and shutter delay, Prendergast and her Oh Yeah Wow team have created a fascinating montage of ideas. What appears to be an off-the-cuff stream of consiousness is actually the result of painstaking recreation of frames, made even more impressive when their canvas is nothing more than thin air. Many of the short sequences took an entire night to create.

Tame Impala ‘Feels Like We Only Go Backwards’ dir. Joe Pelling & Becky Sloan – Each frame of this vibrant promo was created with nothing more than plasticine and elbow grease. How many frames, you ask? Oh, only A THOUSAND or so. Take into account this amount and the complexity and detail of the visuals and you quickly realise how much discipline animation demands. Joe and Becky also directed the surreal Kids TV short Don’t Hug Me, I’m Scared which won Leeds International Film Festival’s British Short Film Competition 2012, in case you were wondering.

Piers Faccini ‘Tribe’ dir. Cyril Gfeller – Made entirely from discarded maps, the visuals in this video will take you as far around the world as the influences peppering the song’s sound.

Coldplay ‘Strawberry Swing’ dir. Shynola – Frontman Chris Martin plays a superhero in this delightful piece from Richard Kentworthy and Co. It’s a testament to Shynola’s creativity and attention to detail that you believe Martin is flying through the air when in fact he spends the entirety of the video lying in the middle of the street.

Tool ‘Prison Sex’ dir. Adam Jones – Directed by the band’s bassist, this video caused quite the stir when it first premiered in 1994. Subsequently pulled from MTV due to its allusions to child abuse, this promo, along with the video for accompanying single ‘Sober’ set the tone for Tool’s visual style and aesthetic for subsequent output.

Peter Gabriel ‘Sledgehammer’ dir. Stephen R. Johnson – This was a co-production between Aardman Animation Studios (The Wrong Trousers, Chicken Run) and The Brothers Quay (‘Overworlds and Underworlds’).

Hudson and Troop ‘Against the Grain’ dir. Dropbear – If you’re going to pursue ‘pen-palling’ like Mary and Max, you best make sure you’ve got the appropriate stationary. We love the back-to-school vibe of this video.

OK Go ‘Last Leaf’ dir. OK Go, Nadeem Mazen and Ali Mohammad – OK Go have carved out a career for themselves in which they have become more known for their music videos than for their songs. Throughout the noughties they have made the most of low-budget digital video equipment to produce intrinsic single-shot promos, several of which have gone viral. Over 2,430 pieces of toast were used in creating this video, with the imagery being laser-cut by the band themselves.

James ‘Moving On’ dir. Ainslie Henderson – We first sang this video’s praises back in May, over on Cheery Little Thing as part of its Short Lunch feature. You can read what we had to say about it here.

Stay ‘tooned as we’ll have another animated video playlist coming your way later this month.

In the mean time you can watch ‘Animated Vol.2’ up above or head over to 8tracks now for your listening pleasure.

You can check out our ‘Animated Vol.1’ video playlist here.


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