Minicine at the Mills – September 2014 // MY DOG TULIP – Preview

This month we’re back at Armley Mills Industrial museum for the third and final instalment of our crowd-pleasing Animates season. Our feature presentation this month, screened as part of Scalarama, is the tale of a curmudgeon and his canine, My Dog Tulip.

Based on the memoirs of J.R. Ackerley, My Dog Tulip documents the relationship between one of the BBC’s very first production editors and his beloved Alsatian bitch, Tulip (actually Queenie in real life but changed for the memoir and subsequently the film).

Featuring voice work from the always great Christopher Plummer, Isabella Rossellini and Lynn Redgrave, the film highlights human’s relationships with animals, the way we can feel more connected to our pets than the people around us and how pets become our friends and in some cases the loves of our lives. But this isn’t a soppy love story by any means; as with the original book, the film gives detailed descriptions of the dog’s bowel movements and sex life – received as “positively juvenile” and helping the film achieve realism and avoid anthropomorphism.


Directed and animated by American husband and wife team, Paul and Sandra Fierlinger, the film adopts several hand drawn visual styles across 116,640 frames (approx. 460 scenes and 600 individual background paintings) achieved using TVPaint, a bitmap-based digital animation software package. Despite the film’s aesthetic, no paper was used in its production.

Whether or not a dog lover, My Dog Tulip is a pull-no-punches account of unconditional friendship and something that to be appreciated by all.

image9Also screening on the night will be a selection of animated short films to precede the feature and we’ll be announcing the winner of this year’s audience choice poll which will headline our October film night. If you haven’t already voted here are this year’s contenders.

We’ll also have another offering of FREE homemade baked goods from the brilliant Noisette Bakehouse for our audience.

Tickets are available over at our online ticket office. The screening takes place Thursday 25 September from 7PM. Doors open from 6.40PM.

See you there!

Scalarama is an initiative, supported by the BFI’s Programming Development Fund, to create a month-long programme of independent cinema in all its forms. With a Core Programme of featured titles, an Open Programme for organisations to put forward their own cinema offerings, and the too-cool-for-school Home Cinema Day, Scalarama aims to quite literally fill the land with cinemas.

For more information and details of screenings occurring in your area, head to the official Scalarama website.



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