They Live, We Screen

We are very happy to announce a special screening of cult conspiracy theory classic They Live (1988).

The lovely folk at Gallery Munro House have kindly asked us to collaborate with them in putting together a screening of John Carpenter’s much-loved sci-fi flick and we are more than happy to obey oblige. The screening will coincide with the launch of the gallery’s new exhibition, showcasing the work of local street artist TONE whose work has been inspired by the film.

LiveConformThey Live stars legendary rebel of wrestling Rowdy Roddy Piper as a nameless construction worker, drifting from city to city in search of work, who arrives in Los Angeles to discover that the world is being brainwashed by a ruling class of aliens. Armed with only a shotgun and a pair of sunglasses, Piper vows to take down the slavers and free everyone of their mind control.

They-Live-1920x1080Co-starring Keith David (The Thing, Requiem for a Dream), They Live is a satirical commentary on social hierarchy and consumerism, which, with the dominating rise of the likes of Facebook, Apple and Amazon, has only continued to grow in relevance since its release. Chock-full of amazing one-liners and oozing ‘so-bad-it’s-good’ cool, this is a must-see for any fan who likes extra cheese with their film burger.

We’d love to tell you more about it but Mama don’t like tattle-tales so we’ll let this trailer do the talking instead:

TONE takes over the Gallery Munro House for 3 weeks, wreaking havoc on their walls and playing with our minds in ‘The Eden Diaries’, his arresting portrayal of men, women, aliens and superheros in a world of pure consumerism, romance and relationships – 1950s comic style. From conspiracy theories to anarchy, TONE sets the tone, using graphic collage, print, sign painting and general skullduggery in his first ever solo gallery show.

10561215_717276178332815_547495614_nThe show opens Thursday 14th August from 6PM at Gallery Munro House with the screening following at 730PM.

Tickets for the screening are £5 and include a complimentary bag of popcorn. Rock up wearing a pair of shades and you’ll receive FREE Hubba Bubba – we wouldn’t want you running out of bubblegum now, would we?

Seating is limited so be sure to secure a place sooner rather than later. To book a seat simply head over to our online ticket office now.



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