Four Years Old!!

photo 2On this date four years ago Edel and Dany hosted the very first Minicine film screening at The Palace Picturehouse in Armley Mills Industrial Museum. On that night they showed The Coen Brother’s cult classic Raising Arizona (1987).

photo 3There have been many changes to the society/club/team – whatever you want to call us – since they relocated to Cork, but one thing that hasn’t changed is Minicine’s commitment to bringing the best under-appreciated and overlooked independent and foreign language cinema to West Yorkshire.

Minicine_LogoTo celebrate we’re off actually heading South, to Sheffield, for a special charity screening of Shane Meadow’s This Is England, in collaboration between the BFFS, Warp Films and Film Unit.

Road trip!

newlogo1And you can join us this coming Monday, April 7th, for belated drinks and 2-4-1 burgers at The Adelphi in Leeds city centre. It’ll be an informal affair, no agenda, just an opportunity to meet with and chat to our audience and anyone who may be interested in getting involved with what me do. We hope you can make it.

Here’s to four more years. At least!




One thought on “Four Years Old!!

  1. We’ll definitely be there on the 7th. We were gonna get the train but will see what we can sort out.

    Looking forward to seeing you all

    Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2014 09:05:18 +0000 To:

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