Minicine at the Mills – Mar 2014 // ZIFT – Preview

still201_reducedWe close out the Minicine monochrome season with Zift, a beautifully shot, moody and atmospheric offering from Javor Gardev, adapted from Vladisvar Todorov’s novel of the same name. It follows Moth, a brooding, imposing and mostly naked figure, who is preparing to taste freedom after voluntarily suffering a twenty year incarceration for a botched burglary and murder he did not commit. As he leaves the corrupt and violent world of prison, Moth finds his hopes of a new life dashed as he becomes instantly submerged in an equally violent and corrupt Communist Bulgaria, where torture, poison and betrayal await.

A series of flashbacks and flash forwards combined with Moth’s detailed voice overs, often describing tastes and smells, provides a uniquely intimate and surprisingly novelistic feel for this action packed, often surreal film noir; but if you love your action flicks chock full of mystery, humour, raw violence and nude chase scenes, Zift never dwells too long on the philosophical to lose its pace.

Zift-zahary-baharov-tanya-ilievaPursued and harassed by Slug, the former crime lord turned Commissar who believes Moth knows the location of the diamond they failed to steal two decades previously, Moth sets out on a perilous and emotional journey across Bulgaria’s capital (including grave digging, fleeing from moving vehicles and watching people try to set fire to their flatulence) to find his childhood sweetheart and the grave of the son he never met.

Slide_002Fast-paced and violent, yet thoughtful and introspective, Gardev ‘s action-dark comedy ponders on the real meaning of freedom and the value of hope, whilst providing a brutal, stylish interpretation and social critique of 1960’s Bulgaria under the shadow of Soviet rule- the perfect way to sign off the season.

– Holly Thackeray

Our feature presentation will be preceded by a selection of short films and an offering of free homemade cake and tea/coffee.

We’ll also be discussing details of our next Minicine at the Mills season, which we’ll be announcing the programme for on Monday.

The screening takes place Thursday 27 March in the quaint Palace Picturehouse inside Armley Mills Industrial Museum. Tickets are currently available here.

We hope you can join us.


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