Audience scores – August 2013 // I Am Breathing

Last night we screened Emma Davie’s and Morag McKinnon’s emotional I Am Breathing (2013) at a SOLD OUT Palace Picturehouse in Armley Mills Industrial Museum. The film was a late addition to our programme but one that we felt needed to be screened and last night’s audience scores have proven just that as  I Am Breathing has become our highest scoring film of all time.


The evening began with the first offering from our new baker Abi and it didn’t disappoint. Welcome aboard Abi, we look forward to the cakes and bakes to come.

Then it was straight into the shorts and we began our selection of documentary shorts with…

Ink & Paper (2011) dir. Ben Proudfoot3.00

Described as a ‘love letter to dying art-forms’ by it’s director, Ink & Paper introduces us to Gary of McManus & Morgan handcrafted papers and Cary from Aardvark Letterpress in downtown Los Angeles as they endeavour to overcome changing economic landscapes and shifts in customer demands – or lack there of.

Yawns (2010) dir. Daniel Mercadante3.79

Collaborative outfit Everynone have an uncanny knack of creating something meaningful out of the trivial. This super short documentary essay is no exception.

Undercity (2008) dir. Andrew Wonder3.63

New York City is one of the most recognisable cities in the world and yet Undercity shows you sides of the city that most New Yorkers themselves don’t even know exist. With the help of urban historian Steve Duncan, we are given a tour of a city forgotten.

I Am Breathing (2013) dir. Emma Davie & Morag McKinnon4.79

For a film that is underpinned with an ever present sense of finality, I Am Breathing overflows with life. Documenting Neil Platt’s final months living with Motor Neurone Disease (MND), the film builds a rapport through the humanity of its subject which makes its climax all the more emotional an experience.

The film scored 4.79 our of 5 – more than any film previously screened by Minicine – and some audience members insisted we award it 7 and even 8 which highlights how well it has been connecting with audiences since its release earlier this summer.

Some viewers even felt compelled to offer the following feedback:

“Needs to be on T.V.”

“Devastating, moving, outstanding.”

“Should be broadcast on national T.V. to raise awareness.”

“Such dignity.”

For more information about the film and MND please visit and

Thank you to everyone who made it to The Mills last night – this has been our most sought after screening ever and we’re glad that we could work things so didn’t have to turn anyone away at the door. We hope you’ll join us for a screening again soon.

Next month we’ll be back at the Palace Picturehouse with silent film classic The General (1926) starring comedy icon Buster Keaton. Tickets are now available to members and will go on general sale (no pun intended) next Friday.


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