Audience scores – April 2013 // Waitress

We’re just over a week away from our next Minicine at the Mills screening so we thought it was about time we announced the audience scores for last month’s event.

Back in April we screened Adrienne Shelley’s U.S. indie romantic comedy-drama, Waitress, as well as a diverse selection of short films.

First up was Free Pie, written and directed by Caleb Slain, a dark and surreal comedy about a bearer of bad news’ belief that free rhubarb pie can soften the blow. The film scored a respectable 3.05.

Yasmin Fedda’s documentary Breadmakers, which details a day in Edinburgh’s Garvald bakery and observes the working ans social relationships of its workers, scored 3.26. As did…

The music video promo for the Blur single Coffee & TV. Directed by Garth Jennings and produced by Nick Goldsmith (collectively known as Hammer & Tongs) follows a carton of milk as it goes in search of a family’s missing son – Blur guitarist Graham Coxon.

And finally our feature presentation – Waitress, about an unhappily married woman whose plans to leave her domineering husband are put in jeopardy when she falls pregnant. The film went down well with the majority of our sell out crowd and scored a solid 4.16.


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