Minicine are proud to announce SCREEN EASY at The Maven

Back at the end of September we hosted a social evening in Leeds’ city centre bar The Maven, in celebration of our BFFS Best Programming Award win. We screened a series of local and international short films and held a quiz which was enjoyed by everyone in attendance.

In December we’ll be heading back to The Maven to launch our new monthly screening night, SCREEN EASY.

For those who have yet to visit The Maven it is a dapper pre-prohibition styled cocktail bar located on Call Lane. Like the classic speakeasies of the time there is no sign above the door, yet through word of mouth The Maven has gained a loyal following and has proven to be the place to be on a Friday and Saturday night.

With our new Screen Easy strand we will be highlighting classic films from the 1920s and 1930s, when cinema really came into its own. Movies had grown to feature length and there was the dawn of the ‘talkies’, cinema was no longer seen as ‘an attraction for the commoners’ and the first film stars were born.

Our first screening will feature Carl Theodore Dreyer’s take on Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet – The Bride of Glomdal. It will be held on Sunday 2nd December and, as with our Minicine at the Mills events, admission will be £6 or a mere £4 for members. You can buy your tickets right here.

Released in 1926, The Bride of Glomdal tells the story of two young lovers kept apart by the girl’s father promising her to another suitor.

At future screenings we hope to bring you works by Fritz Lang, Buster Keaton, King Vidor and Charlie Chaplin among others.

In contrast to our ever popular Minicine at the Mills strand, which showcases some of the most truly independent art-house and foreign language films of the last decade, and last year’s Films From The Bakery programme, which dealt with more cult-classic fare,  Screen Easy seeks to introduce an audience to the very beginnings of cinema. So join us on December 2 to see where it all started and discover how film has since been influenced.

See you soon!


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