Minicine at the Mills: Uno (2004) – Aksel Hennie // Thursday 25th October, 7PM

We’ll be back at Armley Mills’ Palace Picturehouse on Thursday, October 25th with a screening of Aksel Hennie’s Norsk hit UNO.

A tense and claustrophic indie thriller set in the uber-masculine arena of bodybuilding drug runners, Uno is a truly personal story that is written by, directed by and starring Aksel Hennie, who earlier this year starred in Headhunters, based on the best-selling novel by Jo Nesbø.

Unfortunately we’re unable to find a subtitled trailer, the film itself is unavailable for purchase in the UK. This is another example of our commitment to bring you films that may otherwise go unseen on these shores.

Uno is a film in which loyalty, brotherhood, family and friendship are all prominent and depicted as very real, but difficult to balance considerations for life in such an under-privileged setting. David (Hennie) balances loyalty to his family and loyalty to his gang as the pressure increases to the point where he has to make some very difficult decisions.

The camerawork is exemplary in ratcheting up the claustrophobia and the depicted violence is adequately captured to increase verisimilitude and depict genuinely ruthless peril – as opposed to movie-violence that lacks repercussions.

As well as our feature presentation of Uno we will be screening a small programme of shorts and hope to bring you plenty of news regarding Leeds International Film Festival, Bradford Animation Festival and Aesthetica Short Film Festival; all happening in November.

And yes, before you all ask, they’ll be plenty of homemade cake to go around!

To buy tickets just click here. Want to see this film FOR FREE? Then why not become a member. See details here or email us at
See you on the 25th!


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