Coming up…

There are only 99 days ’til Christmas and we thought we’d give you all a heads up on what we’ve got planned between now and then. So here goes…

First up there are the BFFS Film Society of The Year Awards this weekend. We’re all very excited about being shortlisted and have had our fingers, arms, legs and eyes crossed for the last week or so. We’ll be sure to have a review of the conference and awards posted in the next few weeks but if you’d like to follow events as they happen be sure to check out us out on Twitter and Facebook. The whole team will be there so don’t forget to follow Woody, Mike and Adam for a more personal perspective as well.

Wish us luck, we’d love to bring back a prize! Especially as we have our next Minicine Social coming up.

You may remember we had to postpone our September screening due to a small issue with the screening license. Well luckily the postponement has provided us with the perfect opportunity to organise a small meet and greet. As much as we enjoy the screenings at Armley Mills and Dock Street Market we do regret not being able to talk to more of you after the films. That’s why on Thursday, September 27th we’ll be hosting a little get together at The Maven Bar in Leeds city centre with popcorn, shorts and even a quiz. Ooooooh! The event is FREE to all but there is a limited number of tickets so get them here while you can.

And then we’re back into the screenings. Our current programme at Dock Street Market has recently come to an end and we’ll be taking a short hiatus before announcing the next one but we’ll be back at Armley Mills’ Palace Picturehouse on Thursday, October 25th with  a screening of Aksel Hennie’s Norsk hit Uno (2004), a story of inner city turmoil amongst a gang of young body builders. We’ll be posting a full preview shortly but in the mean time here’s trailer for you to mull over:

Apologies about the lack of subtitles but it’s the only decent version of the trailer we could find. And yeah, I know, MySpace right? We didn’t realise it was still going either!

November we head to Australia to meet Kenny, a portaloo technician and working class hero, in Clayton Jacobson’s offbeat comedy, err, Kenny (2006). Wanna see a trailer? Okay, here you go:

And that brings us to December and to say thank you for all your support over the last year we’re letting the Minicine audience decide what we show for the month. Closer to the time we’ll be posting a selection of films for you all to vote for and whichever gets the hightest number of votes will be shown that month. Simples.

Right, that should be enough to keep you going for now but be sure to come back soon for more details. See you soon.

– Woody, Co-director


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