Audience rating for July’s screening: Battle of the Queens

It’s been a busy month for us here at Minicine – with not one but two screenings being held – and so we have kept you in anticipation. But better late than never here are the Minicine audience vote results!

Battle of the Queens (Nicolas Steiner, 2011) – RATING: 4.111

Being screened in the shadow of our previous two films meant that Battle of the Queens was always going to face an uphill struggle in order to beat, or even match, the highest scores in our illustrious history – especially considering its distinctly unconventional approach to the filmic form!

Although it hasn’t quite beaten the record it nonetheless performed admirably with a score of 4.111. The verdict was fairly consistent with only a few of your scores dropping below the 4-star mark. The ethereal, monochrome visuals and god-like fighting cows obviously won you over; a fact I personally am extremely glad of, as this was one of my personal favourites from last year.

– Adam Ryan, Film Programmer


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