Sanaz Raji to introduce No One Knows About Persian Cats – Thursday 23rd August, 7pm

Next week’s screening (Thursday 23rd August, 7pm) is Bahman Ghobadi’s realist Iranian indie rock flick No One Knows About Persian Cats. The super exciting news is that we will have an introduction from expert in Iranian culture, Sanaz Raji.

Sanaz is a PhD Scholar at the Institute of Communication Studies, University of Leeds. She is examining the use of subversive humor online created by second generation diasporic Iranians as part of a larger discourse on the dynamic of being Iranian diasporic in a post-September 11th context.

She has presented her work at the London School of Economics and Political Science, Sussex University, University of Manchester, University College London, and Wolfson College, Oxford University, and the 2012 FutureEverything Conference. Sanaz was the Project Assistant for the EU funded Media & Citizenship project at the Department of Media and Communications, London School of Economics and Political Science. She wrote a chapter entitled, “The Iranian diaspora in the West” for a book edited by Kim Knott and Sean McLoughlin, Diasporas: Concepts, Identities, Intersections, Zed Press (2010).

Additionally, Sanaz has written for the Comments is Free section of the Guardian Online, and Pakistan’s DAWN blog.

Sanaz’s talk will explore Iran’s diverse pop music tradition from the 1950s-present. Afterwards, she will answer any questions the audience might have regarding the film, Iran post 1979 revolution and most notably post 2009 Presidential election protest, gender issues, etc.

All throughout Tehran there are musicians striving to practice their art, record music and play live shows, yet in the context of the stringent restriction placed upon expression, this becomes viciously perilous. Ash and Negar, of the band Take it Easy Hospital, are determined to acquire the correct papers in order to leave Iran. Their journey to do so brings them into contact with many musicians, practicing and playing in inventive spaces across Tehran. With all the musicians in the film being played by themselves, the film blurs the lines between fact and fiction. This is amplified in a meta-textual way by the acknowledged symmetry between the peril these musicians face, and the peril that those making this actual film with no permit or legal permission also face.

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This screening will be at our usual home at the lovely Palace Picturehouse in Armley Mills. For more info on the venue and how to get there, see the website.


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