Audience Ratings for May’s screening: Sound it Out tops the pile

There was a special atmosphere about this screening. Not only did we have our upcoming programme to announce, but the feature film was directly in line with Minicine’s ethos, even resulting in us contributing to their indieGoGo fundraising campaign for distribution. On top of all that, Woody had put together a cracking set of short films with a few music videos chucked in for good measure. The most recognisable music videos we didn’t put up for audience rating, but the other three short films we did, and boy did people like them. You can find their average star rating below which is taken from the very crude manner of the mean average of the audience’s votes, marking each film out of five. The results were astounding, aside from one audience member who marked everything 1. They were either confused about the grading system, or they had the WORST night of their life.

Sound it Out (Jeanie Finlay, 2011) – Rating: 4.5556

We cannot express how delighted we are that this film is our most highly rated film to date!!! Even narrowly surpassing the almost infallible La Haine, which we screened last September. Below I have inserted the programme notes that were given out on the evening; the reason we think it’s such an important film.

A film that wholly embodies the ethos of Minicine and the community film society movement. We’re at an interesting societal juncture at the minute, a juncture that is seeing the rise in the orchestrating ability of passion over profit-for-profit’s sake. Not to go crazy with utopian fervour or anything, not to claim that faceless and soulless multinationals are going to come crumbling down tomorrow, but since the financial meltdown of 2008 put major questions over the way capitalism has functioned since the ‘big bang’ of the Thatcher-Reagan era, business models are being rethought. Where the only things that matter are numbers and profits, it seems easy to pull the plug. Whereas for the thousands out there who rightly see profit as something that makes your passionate endeavour sustainable, rather than the end in and of itself, are persevering through hardships with some positive consequences. You’ll see this in Sound It Out, where we see that Zavvi, an enormous high street name goes bust, while this independent retail outlet keeps going. This is then mirrored in an extra-textual context via the production itself, a flagship example of the possibilities of crowd-source funding, bypassing traditional funding routes and in the process maintaining independence and clarity of vision. It’s not an overnight change, and doesn’t account for the many independent retailers that have suffered in recent years, but it is a gradual paradigm-shift which we are only seeing the beginning of.

Check out our member Steve Firth’s review on our site here and feel free to add to the discussion.

Clock DJ (David Salaices, 2010) – Rating: 3.1111

Above a three is a solid result by my books for a piece of experimental work like this. It’s such a pleasant burst of visual and audio jiggery-pokery.

Check it out here

The Archive (Sean Dunn, 2009) – Rating: 4.0556

Just as Sound it Out is our highest ranking feature film, The Archive almost became our highest ranking short film, pipped only by last year’s screening of the short taken from the beginning of the upcoming We Are Poets documentary. If you haven’t seen The Archive check it out below. But more importantly, why not turn that admiration into some sure-to-be appreciated financial support to Sean Dunn’s endeavours to create a feature length documentary. How fitting this would be considering the success story that Sound it Out has been for the concept of crowd-sourced funding.

Check out the whole project here

And watch the Archive right now

I Need Nothing: A Useless Odyssey (Caoceito and Burdman, 2011) – Rating: 3.6667

I am intrigued about how many people had this song ringing round their heads the day after the screening, but hopefully you also had the wonderful choreography and graft that will have gone into producing the video too.

You can watch it here


One thought on “Audience Ratings for May’s screening: Sound it Out tops the pile

  1. Nice research to find the three disc-related shorts. Liked the clever album sleeve video for I Need Nothing, I’m also a huge Ivor Cutler fan, and loved his original ‘A Doughnut In My Hand’, so thanks for reminding my about it – I’m off to Spotify right now . . .

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