Minicine’s Mini-Bloodbath: Cult horror by way of public vote – Wednesday 4th April – 7pm @ Glyde House

On Wednesday 4th April, Minicine returns to Bradford, the world’s first UNESCO City of Film, for a screening which is far removed from our usual attempts to uncover emerging, little known talents from around the world. On the complete other end of the spectrum, this screening will be celebrating some of the most iconic eccentricities that cinema has to offer: the blood, the guts, the gore and the lovably cheesy one liners of the cult horror film.

Tickets are a mere £5 (£2.50 for Minicine members) and the venue has a fully licensed bar (see below), so It will be the most social of film experiences. Doors open way before the film starts, so you can come down, grab some drinks and ensure you get a slice of Minicine’s trademark homemade cake.

As for the film, well that is partly up to you, the audience. We have selected four films that are all chocked full of ludicrous one liners and enough blood flowing between them to fill a swimming pool.

These four films are:

Child’s Play 2 (Written by Don Mancini and directed by John Lafia, 1990)

One sentence synopsis: Andy thought he’d put an end to Chucky, the doll possessed by the soul of a serial killer, but he’s back to once again try and shift his soul into the boy’s body.

Possibly the least blood-filled of the films, but Chucky does have some killer lines. This film was just on the precipice of the series, between being genuinely creepy, yet still fun and before Chucky became quite so daft.

Friday 13th part VIII: Jason takes Manhattan (Written and directed by Rob Hedden, 1989)

One sentence synopsis (although pretty sure the title takes care of this): Hockey mask wearing Jason Voorhees is once again resurrected from the depths, this time making it on board a boat bound for the Big Apple.

Pretty much the least financially and critically successful film in the series, yet this bears no influence on our appreciation of the comedy-kills though.

Evil Dead 2 (Written by Scott Spiegel & Sam Raimi and directed by Sam Raimi, 1987)

One sentence synopsis: Ash and his girlfriend Linda are on a ‘romantic’ cabin getaway when they find the recordings of Professor Raymond Knowby’s translations of the Book of the Dead, which when played, awakens ancient evils.

Possibly the most iconic and well known on this list, the memorable lines and scenes in this film are undeniable.

Puppet Master (Written by Charles Band, Kenneth J Hall and David Schmoeller, directed by David Schmoeller, 1989)

One sentence synopsis: Five killer-puppets protect the secrets of their master from some – very eighties – investigating psychics.

Perhaps – but hopefully not – the least recognisable on the list. Being the only non-sequel here shows how this distinctive series got off to such a memorable start.

You are invited to choose one of these films by way of public vote. Anyone is welcome to vote on the film, but if you buy a ticket, your vote will count for ten. If you are a member, it will count for twenty. So you can vote on the poll right now, but when you buy a ticket, e-mail your vote to Same goes for you members, just e-mail your vote through.

Get voting right now by clicking here. Voting closes at midnight on Sunday 1st April

To buy a ticket simply click here to go to our secure online box office.

As always, if this is your first screening as a member, it will be completely FREE. Check out details of this, along with what other perks you can benefit from, on our membership page.

For the most up to date info, follow us on Twitter, ‘like’ the Facebook page, or e-mail with the subject MAILING LIST to hear from us via e-mail.

Glyde House is a wonderful grade 2 listed building right in the heart of Bradford city centre, just over the road from the National Media Museum, so easily accessible – even for our Leeds based regulars. Check out their website for full details and directions.


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