Uncharted States of America – Thursday 22nd March, 6.45pm

In anticipation of this year’s Bradford International Film Festival (running from the 19th to the 29th April), our March screening has been curated to celebrate and preview their Uncharted States of America strand. This strand of the festival, this year in its sixth incarnation, is dedicated to truly independent film from the US. Over the last few years it has presented me with some of the most interesting exercises in independent cinema that I have experienced. I’d be lying if I said that every film has been to my taste, but this is why it is such a fascinating strand; whether a film plays around with cinematic form, or if it uses a conventional form to tell a unique story, it offers something different and interesting.

To reflect its diversity, we have specially selected two smaller features (more like featurettes), each running for about an hour, and each displaying something different that the strand can offer. Both films are selected from previous incarnations of the Uncharted States of America strand and are both still out of distribution in this country, making this screening a rare opportunity to catch them. Also, those that were fortunate enough to get tickets for one of our three screenings of LiTTLEROCK last November (a Minicine record attendance) might remember that it too was selected after playing in BIFF’s Uncharted States strand last year (see what our audience made of it here). Between these two featurettes and LiTTLEROCK, you will have a fairly clear picture of what the Uncharted States strand has to offer, its variety and the overriding ethos of the strand.

Trailers will start at 6.45 with the first feature starting at our usual start time of 7pm.

In addition to the films below, we will be previewing this year’s Uncharted States of America, with a selection of trailers.

Hohokam (Frank V. Ross 2007)

Lo-fi filmmaking, utilising very raw characters that ooze with sincerity and a naturalism that makes them thoroughly engaging. The film successfully shows a convincing and sweet relationship that – like people – isn’t simple and easy to define, but full of beautiful complexities. (interesting titbit: This film is the writer/director’s wife’s favourite of his films)

For more on the film, see indie filmmaker Andrew Bujalski’s words from his programme notes here

Lay Down Tracks (Brigid McCaffrey and Danielle Lombardi 2006)

Believably earnest depictions of various slices of unrepresented America, with similar themes of constantly being on the move, of being defined by what you do and of being comfortable with your life. Dislocation of sound and image serve to imbue this documentary with a poetic rhythm, which is aided by some of the most unpretentious, sage like commentary on the individuals’ own lives, which has an enchanting working class matter of factness.

For more on the film, see Neil Young’s (co-director of this year’s BIFF) words from when he first saw it in 2006 here.

If you have bought membership this month, or have let us know that you will be purchasing membership at this month’s screening, then your place has already been reserved, as this will be your first screening as a member, so entry will be FREE! If you’re a member that has already used up your FREE screening, you can buy your discounted ticket right now by clicking here.

As per the advantages of membership, members will have OVER A WEEK before tickets are open to the public next Friday (2nd March). At which point, they will be available here to the public. So if you buy membership, or let us know you’ll be buying membership any time this week, you will instantly be reserved a seat.

Remember that members can reserve one ticket for non-members before they are open to the public, but they will cost the usual price of £6.00. E-mail minicine@live.co.uk to let us know.

If you want to check out full details of membership, see the membership page. You can buy membership straight away by clicking here, or by e-mailing minicine@live.co.uk and telling us that you will buy membership at the screening.

As always, to ensure you receive the most up to date information on this event, follow us on Twitter, ‘like’ the Facebook page or e-mail minicine@live.co.uk with the title MAILING LIST and you will be added to our mailing list.

Hope to see you there!

– Mike McKenny, Minicine Director and Lead Film Programmer


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