Audience ratings for our Halloween screening

Thanks once again to everybody that came to this event, and for the enthusiasm shown by snapping up tickets before the film had even been announced. Hopefully the evening lived up to the blind faith that you had placed in Minicine’s ability to generate an exciting programme of films. I think this is reflected in the audience ratings below; with no absolute flyers, but with no films going down like lead balloons. It appears safe to say that everyone had an enjoyable time and that the films provided something different for all to enjoy.

Before going through the ratings, could I just remind everyone that next month is the last chance to catch Minicine this year. The initial screening on the 24th November sold out in record time. But fear not, we have announced additional screenings on the 27th November (at the National Media Museum, Bradford) and on the 1st December (at our usual home of The Palace Picturehouse, Armley Mills). It cannot be expressed enough how proud we are to be presenting LiTTLEROCK, a beautiful, genuinely independent feature from American director Mike Ott. For more details on this screening see our initial post, or our announcement of additional screenings.

Once again, the ratings are out of five and calculated from the average ratings given by all in attendance.

Feature – Shutter: 3.8

I don’t think anyone thought that Shutter would reach the dizzying heights of La Haine‘s audience rating of 4.4762 last month, but I am happy that it seems to  have been relatively well received. Hopefully this means that everyone had a lot of fun with this screening, considering the aim was to highlight the very immediate thrill that cinema can provide.

Local Short – Astronomer’s Sun: 3.85

This result does sort of skew the local shorts’ ratings by comparison, as it has a vastly greater budget than those featured so far, and therefore isn’t particularly representative of the type of local films and filmmakers that we want to showcase and give a platform to. Remember that this short was played in order to promote the quality likely to be on offer at the various film festivals across the region (BAF, LIFF and ASFF all taking place in November), as it played at last year’s Bradford Animation Festival and Leeds International Film Festival. It is a bonus that it was also created locally and it can serve as an example of the very high quality that can be produced in the region with the appropriate resources.

Other short – Alienadas: 3.2

I thought this could be a polarizing short, leaving some in awe at its fascinating and haunting visuals (as it did myself), yet possibly being rejected by some as being a little too obscure. Once again I was impressed by the acceptance of the Minicine audience as many seemed to appreciate the inventive, creative and expressive style. There was still a distinct difference between those who loved it and those who simply thought it was fine, but although the average doesn’t accurately reflect my own opinion (and nor should it) I’m happy there wasn’t a general rejection.


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