Additional screenings of LiTTLEROCK

Last week, the tickets for November’s screening were put on sale. This was the earliest tickets had been opened in quite some time. The reason being that I thought convincing people to see a film they most likely will have never heard of may be a slow burner.

After the tickets sold out in a record breaking day and half, there couldn’t be further proof that our audience truly loves independent cinema. I couldn’t have been more heartened by the faith placed in our selection, and the faith placed in the quality of independent film out there that will unfortunately not have the resources/good fortune to secure the distribution that it deserves. Although I would have jumped at any chance to show this film to more people, I can’t think of a much greater demand to set up additional screenings.

Yet even better, rather than just the single screening, Minicine is going intercity. In order to bring this beautiful feature to an even greater audience, we are not only announcing an additional screening at our home venue of Armley Mills the following week, but between the two, we have a screening in the Cubby Broccoli cinema, within the National Media Museum in Bradford.

For more info on the film and Minicine’s love for it, see our previous post from when tickets were first announced.

Cubby Broccoli Cinema, National Media Museum – Sunday 27th November, 8.50pm

It was in this very screen that I fell in love with LiTTLEROCK when it played as part of Bradford International Film Festival’s Uncharted States of America strand. It is a great step for Minicine to be moving to a trans-city film society. Armley Mills will always be our home, but taking up temporary/guest residence in cinemas, theatres and pop-up spaces all throughout West Yorkshire is something that will become more prevalent in the new year.


The Palace Picturehouse, Armley Mills – Thursday 1st December, 7pm

The second additional screening will be in our usual home, on our usual day of Thursday, at the usual time. This screening also sneaks into December and means we will have screened every month this year (having originally planned to take December off to plan and prepare for next year).


After the tickets for Thursday 24th went in such a breathtaking amount of time, we are so happy that more people will get the chance to see this film.

One last thing that’s worth adding is that you can click here to see all the accolades LiTTLEROCK has been winning on the international film festival circuit.


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