Tickets open for November’s screening of LiTTLEROCK

This month we’re organised…

Well for the first time in this new era of Minicine, the film for next month (Thursday 24th November) can be announced before this month’s screening. This is largely due to popular demand, as many of you have been requesting tickets for the screening already. I guess this is due to the fact that the last two screenings have sold out in a matter of only two days!

Last screening of the year…

It is truly heartening to see such demand for what Minicine is doing and as a result there will be some more very exciting news attached to this screening. All will be revealed very soon, but all I will say at the minute is that this will be our last screening for this year.

LiTTLEROCK is a testament to true independent cinema. I first experienced it during this year’s Bradford International Film Festival as part of their Uncharted States of America strand (dedicated to uncovering the nation’s independent cinema that you’re unfortunately not likely to come across). It is a film that proves the need to scour film festivals for those films that you just won’t access otherwise. This film is by far the one we are most proud to be showing; a film that fully supports the whole reason for Minicine’s existence. You won’t see this film anywhere else in this country and are unlikely to be able to do so for the foreseeable future, if ever. This is a crying shame; that the distribution channels are often so limited that films like this are denied their audience not through lack of quality, but through lack of resources.

LiTTLEROCK follows a Japanese brother and sister, Rintaro and Atsuko, travelling through America. Rintaro is interested in American culture and wishing to visit the site where his grandparents lived prior to the Second World War and the internment camp they were subsequently placed in. When they break down in Littlerock, an embodiment of small town america, Rintaro’s sister Atsuko becomes infatuated with this alien place and the people that inhabit it, insisting that she is going to stay as Rintaro travels on. Having not shared her brother’s interest in America and American culture, she doesn’t know a word of English. What follows is a perfect allegory for the difficulty of adolescent communication told through the literal inability to verbally communicate with the many fascinating characters she comes across in this quaint little town.


For a full review, and to see my very immediate impressions on the film, you can see my film&Festivals coverage of the Bradford International Film Festival.

For further details of this screening and the exciting news attached, stay tuned to this space, follow us on Twitter, ‘Like’ us on Facebook, or sign up to our mailing list by e-mailing with the subject Mailing list.


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