Halloween screening – Thursday 27th October


It’s fair to say that the first two screenings of this new era have been a soaring success. Hopefully continuing their success, this month sees a conscious step back from the subversive nature of Punishment Park or the socio-cultural prescience of the issues dealt with in La Haine. In their place, this month sees a celebration of the very imminent thrill that the magic of cinema can induce.

Yes, this ties in with that late October festival of Halloween; often scoffed at for its needlessly consumerist tendencies. It garners this unjust reputation because of the very innocent desire of people – as the social beings that they are – to get together, dress up and be part of something fun. This desire for shared experience is nothing to be scoffed at; it is at the heart of Minicine and the community cinema movement in general.

In light of this, we are going to try to entertain our Minicine audience with a film that manages to strike a right balance. A film that manages to be scary as hell (I know this subjective, but this film caused me a sufficient amount of fear when going to the toilet alone in the following days – which is my barometer for how scary a film is), yet still has a well structured plot, real motivation, genuine psychological issues and believable characters (albeit in a genre context of loose character types). Not only this, but although it’s not wildly obscure, the film should also be something that few will have seen.

For logistical reasons we cannot announce the film just yet, but due to popular demand, tickets will be opened immediately.

Although it is by no means necessary, fancy dress is fully endorsed and heartily welcomed – the more zombie-like the better.

Simply click here to buy your ticket for Minicine’s Halloween screening.

For more information, and to catch the film’s announcement at the earliest opportunity, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

If you would like to be added to our mailing list, just send a message to minicine@live.co.uk with the subject ‘MAILING LIST’)


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