Audience ratings for last night’s screening

So far so good…

Thanks once again for all of those that attended last night and helped support independent cinema in your community.

It has been a hectic week with a few bumps along the way, but that’s all character building (right?). The help that was received from many across the region goes to show the passion for cinema throughout West Yorkshire. Any previously held records for the amount of page views on the online box office were obliterated.


We’ve received so much positive feedback about last night that I have no qualms claiming it as an unequivocal success! Below is a quick roundup and the average star rating for each film. It may seem pedantic, but results will be displayed to four decimal places, as this might make all the difference when comparing the many films in the future.

Feature – La Haine: 4.4762 / 5

Everyone knows that La Haine is phenomenal, so I didn’t think I’d be too surprised if it was received well. Then I added up and averaged out the star ratings; I honestly don’t think we’ll get a more loved film played in the foreseeable future.

The support for the shorts and the level of passion coming from those leaving feedback is truly heartening, for a number of reasons. There has always been (and probably always will be) a problem surrounding short film exhibition. Yes sites like Vimeo are amazing, but there is no substitute for the big screen (albeit a mini-big screen). The overwhelming support for both films vindicates the insistence on the preceding shorts, which will always be a part of Minicine. On this note, and considering how well appreciated the short films were, I whole-heartedly recommend keeping your eyes peeled for the short film line-up at the Leeds International Film Festival (programme launches October 7th). Last year’s was phenomenal and very comprehensive.

Local Short – Joy: 3.4762 / 5

The  fact that we get to promote awe inspiring local talent makes me tremendously proud. It is films like Joy that make Minicine as special as it is. If you weren’t there last night, get straight over to their website, see the images, watch the trailer and ensure you put 4th of October in your diary, which is when the film plays at WYIFN’s Shortbread event at Dock Street Market in Leeds.

Other short – Umbra: 3.4762 / 5

Our surprise short was similarly well received. In fact it was received precisely as well, scoring the exact same average rating. I was really glad about this, after falling in love with it at last year’s Leeds International Film Festival’s World Animation strand of their short film competitions. Umbra was down as a ‘surprise’ short as I didn’t want those who were due to attend to see it, as it is freely available on Malcolm Sutherland’s Vimeo page. If you liked Umbra, I urge you to check out his other films. If you weren’t at Minicine last night, then at least this way you can see this beautiful animation.

If I haven’t reiterated enough, this month’s screening could not have been what it was without the support of local business Access Solutions Northern Ltd. If anyone reading this works somewhere with automatic doors and can recommend a local company that supports independent cinema, they’ll surely appreciate it.


One thought on “Audience ratings for last night’s screening

  1. I think I agree with the overall ratings on this one, although it would be nice to see La Haine top 4.5 and Umbra closer to 4. I had a look at a couple of Sutherland’s videos (he IS Canadian, by the way), Umbra looks like one of the stronger shorts- good choice!

    Well done for a top quality night of cinematic shenanigans!

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