Free tickets to see Mark Kermode

Premier film critic Mark Kermode puts his thoughts onto the page in his new book, The Good the Bad and the Multiplex: What’s wrong with modern movies. Along with this release, he is currently touring the country appearing at art house cinemas across the land; reading passages from the book and answering questions from those in attendance.

On the 3rd of October he will be at the fabulous Hyde Park Picturehouse, right here in Leeds. Minicine is delighted to announce that not only will we be in attendance, but we have two tickets for the event to give away.

All you have to do to win is spread the word of Minicine.

If you don’t follow us on Facebook, simply go over, click the ‘like’ button and leave a message on the wall giving three of your favourite films seen in a cinema this year (note, this includes replays of old films and film festival screenings). No order or preference, just name three.

Click here to be taken straight over to our Facebook page

For all you loyal folk who already do ‘like’ the Facebook page. All you have to do is recommend a friend ‘likes’ the page too. Ask them to leave a message on the wall with your name (as given on Facebook) and their three films. This will enter you both into the competition. Also, if you want to leave three films too, then go right ahead, but this isn’t essential for your entry into the competition.

For further information on the book, see Edwin Davies’ concise, yet revealing review here or for a much more insightful and comprehensive take, see the full transcription of his interview with the good doctor here 

All entries will literally be put in a hat and selected randomly at our sold out screening of La Haine (supported by the short film Joy and a mystery short) on Thursday 22nd September.

Although the likelihood of being someone who wants to go see a film critic live in an art house cinema in Leeds and not being interested in what we do is pretty slim, please don’t ‘like’ the page unless you do actually like what we do.

Note, there will be no elitist snobbery with respect to your film choices, so if you liked a film, don’t be afraid to put it down (even if it’s Transformers: Dark of the Moon).

See you there

Don’t forget, this month’s screening of La Haine couldn’t be happening if it wasn’t for the support of local, family ran automatic door company: Access Solutions Northern.


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