La Haine: An apt film for current events

After a number of delays, the feature film for this month’s screening has been confirmed and can be announced.

La Haine (Hate) – Written and directed by Mathieu Kassovitz and released in 1995.

Minicine’s primary objective is to bring unique cinematic experiences and feature films that you may not have had the opportunity to encounter before. This month’s screening doesn’t quite follow these rules. La Haine is a relatively well known and widely seen feature that has been programmed in direct response to the riots and looting that swept the UK last month.

As the country returns to the daily grind and the riots from last month are forgotten by many and repressed by the general social consciousness, the historic narrative of the whole event is written by the mainstream media and the politicians who would rather sweep under the rug the fact that many areas throughout the country illustrated a huge disconnect between sections of society; that different sects can in no way fathom the mindsets of others.

It is not my place to dictate my views on the event. Instead, it is my place to present a film that will help you to consider these issues and ensure that a month down the line, the events, causes and effects are still being considered, even as the twenty four hour news agenda has long since moved on to another temporary headline. So widespread are these issues throughout the western world, that La Haine is one of the most apt films for examining this illustration of cultural division and the need for societal re-examination, despite it not being set in Britain, but in France. Also, so long-standing and untended are these societal strains that the film was made over fifteen years ago.

It would not be right to say that the events in this film and those in the UK last month directly correlate, or even stem from the same specific reasons, but there is an easily recognisable gulf between classes of society, which culminates in ‘hate’.

Tickets are on sale now

(Details of supporting shorts to be announced in due course)

One of the reasons this announcement has been delayed was the necessity to solve a few structural problems. The solution has been to implement a process wherein local small businesses can support independent cinema and help us to put on fantastic events like last week’s successful screening of Punishment Park and the many exciting screenings coming up for the rest of this year and more importantly the full programme to be announced for next year. Accordingly, we have a Bradford based automatic door company Access Solutions Northern Ltd to thank for making this month’s screening possible.


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