Results of the audience ratings

Cake baked and decorated by Tasha McKenny

A successful first outing

Thanks to everybody for making last night’s screening such a success.

Plans are just being finalised for next month’s screening, which will take place on the 22nd September. We have another great local short in place and a few complications securing the feature have almost been ironed out. I won’t say what the feature is yet, but I can say that it is being specially programmed to deal with something current, pressing and hotly debated.


The average star ratings have been worked out and will be shown below. A record of results will be logged for all screenings so that we can track the reception of all features and shorts. Each will be put alongside others within their own category of ‘feature’, ‘local short’ and ‘other short’.

I am really pleased with Punishment Park’s resounding popularity. I really thought it would be a bit more polarizing with some loving and some really hating, but all at least having something to think about. Yet aside from one result all others were very positive

Feature – Punishment Park: 3.95 / 5

Speaking of polarizing, it seemed that Bottled Life did just that. Finalising a middle of the road rating, but consisting of those who must have been extremely taken by its approach and those on the other hand that must have been actively offended by it. I think that this is precisely what this type of experimental cinema should achieve. (Note that A Bottled Life had a couple fewer votes, as Josh and his sister were both in attendance and as an obvious matter of conflicted interests didn’t vote for this film).

Local short – Bottled Life: 2.5882

Unearthing the Pen was much more simple, with most quite liking it, but not many with strong opinions either way.

Other short – Unearthing the Pen: 3.25


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