In the cinema this month

This Month’s Feature Film

Punishment Park (Peter Watkins, 1971) // 88 mins

Punishment Park is a politically subversive pseudo-documentary giving a voice to the disaffected youth of late sixties/early seventies America. Set in a detention camp in an unspecified near-future, detainees gamble their freedom on an attempt to cross the desert (bare footed with no water) whilst being chased down by a squad of heavily armed police and National Guardsmen.

Click here to see the official Masters of Cinema webpage for more info, a trailer and an insightful essay from the director Peter Watkins

Supporting Short Film

Bottled Life (Josh Tucker, 2011) // 5 mins

The coping ability, through representation.

Josh is a photographer/filmmaker from Bradford who has just finished his second year at the University of Leicester studying Photography and Video. Bottled Life is a personal film dealing with the human coping ability.


Stay tuned for more supporting links and articles in the weeks building up to the screening.


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